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I will oversee all aspects of marketing, including market research, strategic planning, and campaign development.

I will run tailored and interactive strategy workshops for your marketing and sales team to ignite creativity, foster collaboration, and drive growth.

I will guide you with dedicated mentoring, helping you navigate the marketing landscape, refine your skills, and achieve your specific career goals.

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Greta Zaikauskaite work with me
Greta Zaikauskaite work with me

”I had the pleasure of working with Greta on a market fit research project. Her professionalism and depth of skill set were evident from the outset. What truly stood out was her exceptional communication skills, paired with a creative approach that brought fresh insights to our research.

I wholeheartedly recommend Greta for any marketing endeavors and am eager to collaborate with her again in the future.”

- Paulius Rimavičius, Co-founder @TeamFill

Co-founder TeamFill
Co-founder TeamFill

about me

Hi, I'm Greta, a Marketing Consultant and a Fractional CMO 👋🏻

I partner with tech startups to help them break into their target markets.

A common pitfall for startups is trying to appeal to everyone and aiming to sell their product to any buyer, without a clear strategic direction. This often results in too few interactions with potential customers and even less market feedback.

My role starts with crafting a marketing strategy, developed collaboratively with company leaders and/or the sales team. As an external CMO, I support executives in executing this strategy, which typically includes attracting initial customers, gathering product feedback, and identifying the most effective sales channels. In some cases, this may end up in discussions with potential investors.

Deciding between hiring a full-time junior marketer or a part-time (fractional) CMO depends on your startup's goals and the marketing responsibilities you need covered. Let’s chat—I’m here to help you make the best choice.:)

Send me a DM or book a timeslot for a free consultation:

Greta Zaikauskaite Marketing Consultant
Greta Zaikauskaite Marketing Consultant

"Greta provided our startup with invaluable insights. As our external CMO, she not only helped unveil the potential of our platform but also steered us towards a clearer strategic direction. Her pivotal role in our engagements with potential investors opened crucial doors for our growth, while her efforts in gathering feedback from potential customers enriched our understanding, making our service irresistibly appealing and in demand.

Greta's approach is unparalleled; she consistently goes above and beyond, ensuring that processes aren't merely executed but are carried out smoothly, with utmost quality and deliberate intent. She has an exceptional ability to identify needs and strategically navigate towards achieving our goals, all without the need for direct requests or supervision.

With Greta, your business experience transforms into an effortless dance of jazz."

- Inga Šakalienė, Co-founder & CEO @ UGC Europe

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This is your go-to hub for understanding how to incorporate AI into marketing and communications.

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